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10.1. Because Masters Energy Inc. is involved in the transaction between you and the seller and is the agent of the Seller, Masters Energy Inc will be involved in and will be responsible for the shipment of Products ordered by the Buyer. The Seller is solely responsible for a timely, accurate and proper shipment of Products to the Buyer, We are Seller Representatives.

10.2. You shall have all shipment guidelines clearly, completely, accurately, prominently posted on your billing statement and available for review by you prior to being obligated for a purchase of the Product. The shipment guidelines shall properly specify (i) whether the Product price listed in the Website includes the shipment costs and (ii) shipping destinations that you shall pay for delivery to.

10.3. You must ensure that you are legally able to buy each Product included in a listing on the Website, and that it is lawful to buy and import such Product to a person resident in the your jurisdiction. In any case Masters Energy Inc shall not be responsible for verifying your right to buy or take delivery of Products.

10.4. Seller shall ship the ordered Product(s) within 36 hours after Masters Energy Inc informs seller about your order. You agree that Masters Energy Inc has no obligation to ship any Product you buy to you. The Seller has agreed that legal ownership and all risks of loss of Products remains with Seller until You the Buyer physically receives the Product from said Seller. Seller agrees that Seller will ship only the Product ordered by You the Buyer and will not include any products, materials or information that was not ordered by You the Buyer.