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10.1a. Buyer can return the faulty Product and demand for the refund.

10.1b. All Kits Are Purchased via Agreement.

10.2. If Digital Product ME Inc. /, & will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any Product within 90 days from the date of sale.

10.3. When the Product is returned, the End User receives a 100% refund. Payouts from that sale are debited back out of the corresponding Supplier and Affiliate accounts.

10.4. A sale is revoked if the End User's bank later claims the sale was unfunded, unauthorized or fraudulent. Revoked sales cost ME Inc. /, & money and harm our reputation as a reliable Product retailer. In these instances, we charge the Supplier $30 per credit card chargeback. ME Inc. /, & reserves the right to charge increased fees per credit card chargeback, up to $10,000, if the Supplier's Products generate chargebacks in excess of 1% in any 90-day period.

10.5 Non-Digital; Physical Products are sold with protective stipulations;

All Products Are Sold Subject To Supply, Quality & Quantity Testing etc: These High-End Goods Such As Electronics, Utilities, Testing Equipment Products etc; Do Not Change Ownership Until Thorough Vetting Procedures Have Transpired.


13.1. The term of this Agreement is for a period of time when you successfully register for the ME Inc. /, & Account until this Agreement is terminated for whatever reason. You may close your Account and terminate this Agreement at any time by contacting an accounts representative and then following the instructions. Account cancellation shall mean the Agreement termination.

13.2. At any time and for any reason in its sole discretion ME Inc. /, & may terminate this Agreement, your access to the Website and/or the Services, your Account and may halt any pending listings or sales at any time without notice to you. ME Inc. /, & shall have no liability or obligation for the termination of this Agreement.